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Katie Cash Award

2018 Katie Cash Award Recipient - Patti Goodall

Patti Goodall, Virginia (on the left in photo), is this year’s recipient of the NASHIA Katie Cash Award, which was presented at the Annual Membership Meeting held during the 29th Annual State of the States (SOS) Meeting held in Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 24-27, 2018. Patti is a long time member of NASHIA, having hosted the SOS in Virigina; contributing to journals organized by NASHIA featuring state programs; and contributing to NASHIA overall. Patti has served as the Director of Brain Injury Services at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) since 1992. She was one of the first Supported Employment specialists in the country. She has developed educational and training materials and has published scholarly articles / book chapters / monographs in the fields of supported employment, brain injury, substance abuse, and vocational rehabilitation. She has facilitated support groups for survivors of brain injury and family members and conducted substance abuse education programs.

NASHIA annually recognizes the contributions of a member whose tireless efforts directly and significantly contribute to the Association’s achievements and growth. An eligible nominee for the Katie Cash Award must be a state agency employee and hold a Full or State Agency membership. The Katie Cash Award recipient displays all of the qualities of the award’s namesake, a Border Collie: highly intelligent; intensely loyal; tireless workers; perfectionist; and eager to please!

• Border Collies are extremely intelligent. They have been recognized by two prominent studies as the smartest breed of dog.
• Border Collies are a working breed; they are very active and thrive on “chores” and “tasks.”
• Border Collies have a natural instinct to herd and model good behavior.
• Border Collies persevere through difficulty. The breed gives new meaning to the terms “focus” and “intensity.”
• Border Collies crave mental stimulation and are natural problem-solvers.
• Border Collies are supreme competitors, excel in teamwork, and are extremely protective of their territories.

NASHIA’s Past Presidents present the Katie Cash Award at the Annual State of the States in Head Injury Meeting based on the nominee’s:

1) Effort and accomplishment(s);
2) Ability to see opportunities, communicate possibilities, and foster innovative thinking;
3) Ability to lead others, gain cooperation, and work through difficulties; and
4) Loyalty to NASHIA and its members.

Katie Cash Recipients
2001- Susan Vaughn
2002- Debra Kamen
2003- Augusta Cash
2004- William Ditto
2005- Cynthia Murdock-Elliott
2006- Sharyl Helgeson
2007- Lorraine Wargo
2008- Debra Kamen
2009- Kris Shields
2010- Maria Crowley
2011- Erin Weaver
2012- Lori Brenneke
2013- Janice White
2014- Stefani O’Dea
2015- Amy Flaherty
2016- Judy Dettmer
2017- Keri Bennett
2018- Patti Goodall


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